Notion Quick Add - How I Remember Random Ideas

Notion Quick Add - How I Remember Random Ideas

Ideas occasionally come up randomly. Sometimes during study time, entertainment or work. Having a system to store ideas without disrupting focus is important. Notion Database is a good option to store backlogs of ideas.

Using Notion’s database, it’s easy to manage items with features like tags, custom properties etc. You can prioritize ideas, and move items (ideas) into new databases (like a to-do list database).

But I needed a way to quickly add items (ideas) to the database without disrupting my focus on anything I am doing at the moment.

So Notion Quick Add was created. All I have to do is create a keyboard shortcut (Win Key + A in my case) to open a small input window without having to open Notion.

The input in the window is automatically focused on so I can type the title of the new idea and press enter to save it to my Notion database. I can always go back to it later to make changes to it or make plans for it.

Here’s a demo of how it works:

I wrote a guide on how I implemented this with Electron here. You can clone the code and edit the code to suit your need.

Please leave a star on the repository so people can find the app and use it.


While creating this app, I realized it could work for basically any database. You can improve the code to suit your need.

This project is open-sourced so you can make pull requests or suggestions to improve this app.