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Playwright Tutorial for Beginners 8 - Screenshots

Playwright Tutorial for Beginners 8 - Screenshots

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Kayode Oluwasegun
·Jan 11, 2022·

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To screenshot, make use of page.screenshot({ path: 'screenshot/screenshot.png' })

Full page screenshots

Full page screenshot is a screenshot of a full scrollable page, as if you had a very tall screen and the page could fit it entirely.

await page.screenshot({ path: 'screenshot.png', fullPage: true });

Element screenshots

You can also take screenshots of elements too:

await page.locator('.header').screenshot({ path: 'screenshot.png' });

An example

const { test } = require('@playwright/test');

test('Demo video', async ({ page }) => {
  await page.goto('https://playwright.dev');
  await page.screenshot({ path: 'screenshot.png' });


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